Product features

1. Hydrostatic bearing supports GW & RW spindles and Hydrostatic guideway is incorporated into
 Regulating wheel lower slide in order to get high reliability.
2. Push-button operation for easier size control is standard accessories
3. Hydrostatic bearings offer advantages as follows;
 a)no abrasion
 b)extremely low friction and low temperature rise
 c)high oil film stiffness independent on the number of rotation
 d)precise and constant rotating accuracy
4. Open sided support is applied for GW spindle for convenient changeover operation.
5. Hydrostatic guideway gives precise and accurate compensation for long period.

Mechanical specifications

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Capacity Work Diameter ~Φ75mm
Max. Infeed Length 200mm
GW Dimensions Φ510×205×Φ304.8mm
Surface Speed 2,700m/min
Motor Capacity 11kW
Bearings Hydrostatic oil Bearing
RW Dimensions Φ330×205×Φ127mm
RPM 18~236r/min(60Hz)
Motor Capacity 0.75kW
Bearings Hydrostatic oil Bearing
GW Dresser Traverse Hydraulic Cylinder
Infeed Micro Handle(20µm/div)
RW Dresser Traverse Hydraulic Cylinder
Infeed Micro Handle(20µm/div)
Infeed Mechanism RW lower Slide Hydrostatic Guideway
Method Micro Handle(20µm/div)
Minimum Setting Unit 0.5μm
Weight 3,600kg

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