Centerless Grinding Machine
Manufacturer with
the longest history in Japan

NISSIN has the longest history of centerless grinder manufacturing in Japan. In 1940, first centerless grinder was developed by us in Japan, and the production is continuing up to the present time.

In 1970, HI-GRIND 2 model with Hydrostatic Bearings , main feature of NISSIN centerless grinders at present, was developed.
In 2010, “Best Technical Award” is given to this model by the “Association to Recognize Historic Valuable Machine Tool in Japan”.
Small type ultra precision model NANOTRON capable of nano meter range accuracy was developed in 1987 and presented on the technical conference in U.S.A.(1993-ASPE).

In 2017, presentation was made on ultra precision centerless grinder UG-150-II model in Okinawa,Japan (2017-ISAAT).

  • Element Technology of Machine Tool

    • Bearings:
      Hydrostatic Bearings or Rolling Bearings is selected and used depending on the major purpose of the machine.  Main models are using Hydrostatic Bearings suited for high precision grinding.
      • 1) High oil film stiffness independent on the number of rotation.
        Datum Surface of centerless grinding, rotational accuracy of Regulating Wheel is improved.
      • 2) Thick oil film supports the spindle and gives averaging effect of parts.
      • 3) Thick oil film gives high dumping and reduces vibration.
      • 4) No metal to metal contact design keeps spindle accuracy for a long time.
    • Stationary Spindle:
      To get accuracy, one rank higher than before, new models with stationary spindle are developed.
      • 1) Wheel drive is direct and spindle length is short.
        Machine width can be designed small.
      • 2) Wheel spindle works as a part of wheel housing and increases machine stiffness.
      • 3) As wheel spindle is stationary and wheel sleeve rotates alone, the mass of rotation is small and gives higher dynamic stiffness.
      • 4) Wheel support bearing is located inside of the wheel sleeve. When spindle is fixed to the machine, the bearing will not be deformed by it. The bearing gives original high rotating accuracy.
  • Work Handling System

    Own design handling system and various types of robot system moved by pneumatic, hydraulic and CNC are available.
    From conventional speed loader to high speed loader with 2 sec load and unload time, best suited system can be selected.

  • Control and Gauging System

    Machine control is performed using pneumatic, hydraulic or CNC system.
    Work measuring system by contact type, pneumatic type and laser type are available.

  • Grinding Technology

    Grinding and precision Truing Technology are developed on conventional grinding wheel, CBN Wheel and DMD Wheel.
    NISSSIN has extensive experience in grinding applications for steels, aluminum, plastics and ceramic components with various profile.



R2.12 日進HP更新 ISO登録証

Environmental Policy

engages in environmental management activities under the following slogans.
“ Give back to the kind planet earth by Environmental- friendly Manufacturing.”
“ Think about Natural Environment for better future.”

We operate as a headquarters plant that manufactures Centerless Grinding Machine, which are familiar as “ NISSIN of Centerless,” in the blessings of the rich nature surrounded by the Mikatagahara Plateau and Tenryu River.

  • Recognizing the impact of activities on prefectural borders and external, internal, and stockholders’ requirements and efforts to address risks and opportunities, we will establish environmental targets to the extent technically and economically possible, promote the prevention of environmental pollution and the use of sustainable resources, and continuously improve our environmental management system.
  • We will comply with laws and regulations related to environmental aspects and other requirements agreed upon by the Factory, as well as conduct maintenance and management.
  • Among the impacts of our business activities, we will conduct environmental management activities focusing on the following items and conduct periodic reviews.
    (1) Shorten lead times for products provided to customers and improve production efficiency.
    (2) We will promote environmental contribution activities by improving productivity and quality while designing and selling products in response to customer requirements.
  • We will enhance our environmental education, and all employees (everyone working for us) will understand our environmental policy and work together with all employees.

--- We disclose our environmental policy both inside and outside the company.---

Established April 1, 2019

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