ABOUT USABOUT USAs a specialist company
of centerless grinder
with long history, we aim
for further development.

Since foundation in 1931, NISSIN worked together with
our customers on challenges,which change with time, and
gained experience and trust.  Now, global environment is
the largest issue for human life.  To create human future
to live in harmony with nature, high effective and high
quality production of precision and ultra-precision
machine parts is the challenge.  NISSIN aim to develop
own technology and experience to work on this challenge
with new Passion.


As a specialist of Centerless Grinding Machine, NISSIN developed and supplied many machine series to meet the wide range of demand from the customer.
Each model can apply optional automated devices for infeed, compensation and dressing. With additional loading and unloading device and measuring device, fully automatic operation is realized.

Centerless Grinding Application

NISSIN produces different size of machines to grind a wide range of workpieces from 0.1mm diameter(electrode wire) to 100mm diameter (connecting pin for a construction machine).

  • Centerless Grinding  Application
  • Centerless Grinding  Application
  • Centerless Grinding  Application
  • Centerless Grinding  Application

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