Product features

1. Both Spindles are supported by Hydrostatic Bearings, and Hydrostatic guideway is applied to RW Iower slide:
 Most reliable centerless grinder.
2. You have option for size compensation unit, Fine compensation unit with easy operation or CNC type RW table infeed/
 compensation unit.
3. Hydrostatic Bearings offer advantages as follows;
 a)No frictional drag
 b)No friction and low temperature rise
 c)Constant rotating accuracy
 d)High film stiffness independent on the number of rotation.
4. Hydrostatic guideway application gives precise and fine feed/compensation for both directions.

Mechanical specifications

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Capacity Work Diameter Φ2mm~Φ100mm
Max. Infeed Length 200mm(※250mm) ※OPTION
GW Dimensions Φ610×205(※255)×Φ304.8mm ※OPTION
Surface Speed 2,700m/min
Motor Capacity 15kW(※22kW) ※OPTION
Bearings Hydrostatic oil Bearing
RW Dimensions Φ355×205(※255)×Φ177.8mm ※OPTION
RPM 18~200r/min(60Hz)
Motor Capacity 0.75kW
Bearings Hydrostatic oil Bearing
GW Dresser Traverse Hydraulic Cylinder
Infeed Micro Handle(0.02mm/div)
RW Dresser Traverse Hydraulic Cylinder
Infeed Micro Handle(0.02mm/div)
Infeed Mechanism RW Table Slide Hydrostatic Guideway
Drive Method Motor Drive(*Special Type.)
Minimum Setting Unit 0.5μm
Weight 5,500kg

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