Product features

1. By stationary spindle structure and diamond rotary dessing device on both wheel spindles, V and V guide ways for RW table slide and
 various types of accurate compensation devices, ultraprecision grinding below 0.1µm accuracies is done with high productivity.

Mechanical specifications

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Capacity Work Diameter ~Φ40mm
GW Dimensions Φ510×205(255)×Φ228.6mm
Surface Speed 2,700m/min
Motor Capacity 11kW
Bearings Stationary Spindle(Hydrostatic Oil Bearing)
RW Dimensions Φ355×205(255)×Φ203.2mm
RPM 1~300r/min(60Hz)
Motor Capacity 2kW(AC servo drive)
Bearings Stationary Spindle(Hydrostatic Oil Bearing)
Tilt angle +5°~ -3.5°
Dresser Traverse Hydraulic Cylinder
Infeed Micro Handle
Infeed Mechanism Compensation Mechanism Ball Screw and AC servo motor
Minimum Setting Unit 0.1μm
Weight 5,500kg

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