Product features

1. Ultimate machine(fixed workrest type)to pursue accuracies for extrafine cylindrical work.
 Consistent grinding accuracies of roundness, roughness and size control in extrafine cylindrical work grinding.
2. Compact sized machine with high rigidity; composed of indispensable machine elements only, [GRIND] [SUPPORT] [ADJUST].
 High-precision and high-stiffness Stationary Spindle structure is applied for GW head & RW head.(Rolling bearings)
3. GW head is controlled by 2-axis CNC for infeed and traverse.
 Fixed diamond trues/dresses conventional wheels, and in addition rotary diamond self-grinds super abrasive wheels.

Mechanical specifications

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Capacity Work Diametor ~Φ5mm
GW Dimensions Φ150×60×Φ65mm
Surface Speed 2,000m/min
Motor Capacity 1.5kW(AC servo motor)
Bearings Stationary Spindles(Roller Bearings)
RW Dimensions Φ150×60×Φ65mm
RPM 10~600r/min(60Hz)
Motor Capacity 0.2kW(AC servo motor)
Bearings Stationary Spindles(Roller Bearings)
GW Slide Drive Method AC servo motor(Yasukawa)
Minimum Unit 0.1μm
Y axis Infeed and size-compensation
Z axis Traverse for wheel dress
RW Slide Method Micro Handle(20µm/div)
Weight 1,000kg

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