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NANOTRON Founded in 1931, NISSIN is specialized in design and manufacturing of centerless grinding machines and special purpose grinding machines.
Today the company is a leading supplier of high precision grinding machines in the world and is challenging to new technologies for the production of precision to ultra precision parts with high efficiency.

Experiences and Technologies Today:

1.Element Technologies of the machine tool
Technologies of hydrostatic stationary spindles with minimum run out on trued wheel O.D.0.3µm~0.1µm are applied for simple hydrostatic and rolling bearing spindles.
(Compensation Device)
Technologies of the closed loop optical scale CNC servo slide with 0.1µm~0.05µm movement are applied for simple plain slide and hydrostatic slide.

2.Part Handling System
Air, PC,CNC,own design handling system, various type of robot system.
Conventional loading time to 2 sec loading and unloading time with high speed loader.

3.Control and Gauging System
Machine control by air, hydraulics, PC.,CNC.
Measuring system with contact type, air type, laser type unit.

4.Grinding Technologies
Grinding and Precision Truing with conventional wheels, CBN, DMD.
Application for steels,aluminium, plastics and ceramic components with various profiles.

NISSIN continues aggressive research and development to meet the demand in Future.

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