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GR200-45N Middle size High Speed Hydrostatic Centerless Grinder with easy operation.
1. Hydrostatic Bearings are applied to both wheel head; advantage is as follows:
  a)No abrasion (No need of re-adjustment)
  b)Extremely low friction and low temperature rise
  c)High oil film stiffness independent on the number of rotation
  d)Precise and constant rotating accuracy
2. This model is developed on our long period of experience and demands from the industry.
  lnfeed and Thru-feed grindings are successfully performed with high precision and productivity.
3. This is a suitable model for manual operation, and for auto operation as well, if option such as mechanical auto device or CNC is added as special accessories.
Capacity Work Diametor Փ1.5mm~Փ110mm
Max. Infeed Length 200mm
GW Dimensions Փ510x205xՓ304.8mm
Surface Speed 2,700m/min
Motor Capacity 11kW
Bearings Hydrostatic Bearing
RW Dimensions Փ255x205xՓ127mm
RPM 18~200r/min(60Hz)
Motor Capacity 0.75kW
Bearings Hydrostatic Bearing
Dresser GW Dresser
Traverse Hydraulic Cylinder
Infeed Micro Handle(20µm/div)
RW Dresser
Traverse Hydraulic Cylinder
Infeed Micro Handle(20µm/div)
Infeed Mechanism Method Lever-type(Infeed)
  Manual Handle(20µm/div)
  Manual Handle(2µm/div)
Weight   3,500kg

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