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1931 Founded at Terajimacho in Hamamatsu,Japan to manufacture weaving machines.
1941 Started to manufacture centerless grinding machines and lathes.
1945 Closed the plant by war damage.
1947 Re-started the manufacturing of textile machines.
1950 Re-started the manufacturing of centerless grinding machines.
1964 Increased the capital to 80,000,000 Yen.
1967 Moved to the new plant located at Aritamanishimachi, Hamamatsu.
1970 Developed the first High Speed Hydrostatic Centerless Grinder HI-GRIND 2 and exhibited it to the 5th Japan International Machine Tool Show.
1973 Developed a fully automated machine with inprocess and post process gauges.
1974 Added Engineering Service Division and expanded rebuilding business, and customers service.
1983 Developed an ultra-precision grinding machine and trueing machine to grind ceramics materials and published the results in 1985-SME(USA)
1985 Developed an ultra-precision centerless grinding machine UG-1000.
Increased the capital to 120,000,000 Yen.
1987 Developed a small type ultra-precision centerless grinder NANOTRON and published the results in 1993-ASPE(USA)
1990 Added R&D building with total temperature and enviroment control.
Development of high precision shoe type grinder CG-1100.
1991 Developed vertical type ultraprecision surface grinder to grind ceramics.
1992 Developed horizontal type ultraprecision surface grinder to grind ceramics and published the results in 1994-ASPE(USA)
1996 Developed ultraprecision high performance centerless grinder UG-250.
1998 Developed small type ultraprecision high performance centerless grinder UG-150.
2001 Development of an ultra precision matching grinder for injection nozzle needles.
2002 Development of Twin Head centerless grinder SPG-100 for combined grinding of stem and brim of HDD spindle moter shaft.
Development of ECOGRIND-50R with environmental management.
Certification of ISO14001(2002.12.25.No.EC02JO254).
2004 Development of small type precision machine ECOGRIND-100R.
Development of compact size precision machine ECOGRIND-2A.
2010 "Best Technical Award" is granted to our HI-GRIND 2 model by the "Association to recognize historic valuable machine in Japan" in the 12th meeting, June 9, 2010.
2014 Development of HI-GRIND400-TS model for precision grinding of middle and large size workpieces.
2017 Presented a technical paper of UG-150-Ⅱ in ISAAT 2017 OKINAWA.
Reduction of capital to 100,000,000 Yen.
2018 Exhibit 2 madels to JIMTOF2018

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