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Centerless Grinding Application
Workpiece Size
We build different size of machines to grind a wide range of workpieces from 0.1mm dimetor (electrode wire) to 100mm diametor (connecting pin for a construction machine).
Length of the workpiece can be 1mm to 4,000mm by using suited jig fixtures.
Workpiece Shape
Cylindrical workpiece with no projection will be ground by thru-feed centerless grinding.
Workpiece with steps or conical surface and the length shorter than the wheel width can be ground by in-feed centerless grinding.
Workpiece Material
By selecting types of grinding wheels, various kinds of steels, aluminum, plastics, glass and ceramics materials can be ground by centerless grinding.
Ground Accuracies
We build many types of machines best suited for the required accuracies from the versatile machines for common automobile parts to ultra precision machines for parts like optical fiber ferule, precision needle roller, fuel injection nozzle needle which require size tolerance of ±0.3µm and roundness below 0.1µm.

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